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Dialogue between the students of TEXAS TECH University and Peking University
On May 22, a student delegation from Texas Tech University has paid a visit to the School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), Peking University. On behalf of the school, Prof. Xingwang Deng first made a welcome speech, and then briefly talked about SAAS and its future development. Thereafter, Prof. Jaime Malaga from Texas Tech University made a short speech to explain their student exchange program, and wished there would be more opportunities for the two universities to strengthen the cooperation in teaching and researches in the future. All the students then had an in-depth discussion on a series of jointly interested issues, including agricultural policies, international agricultural trade, technological progress and agricultural development etc.
Over the dialoguing period, Prof. Jikun Huang from CCAP and SAAS was invited to join in the discussion. He patiently took the questions related to some hot issues, such as genetically modified (gm), the trade of agricultural products between the China and US, etc.
At the end, students from both universities showed their willingness to participate the similar activities in the future.
[Photos of the scene]