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Lingling Hou


Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University

Study area: Agricultural Economics





Address: Wangkezhen Building 412, No. 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871 China

Tel: +86-10-6276-0780



Short Bio

Dr. Lingling Hou is Assistant Professor at China Center for Agricultural Policy, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences in Peking University. Her study area is agricultural, resource and environmental economics, especially on reducing carbon emissions in agriculture, monetary evaluation of agroecosystem services, grassland protection, and improving living environment in rural area. By July 2022, she has published 28 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, including the top journals such as Nature Communications, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics, Ecological Economics. Her peer-reviewed journal articles have over 500 citations and her h-index on Google Scholar is 13. She also published 24 peer-reviewed journal articles in Chinese, including those on Management World (管理世界), Journal of Agrotechnical Economics (农业技术经济), and China Rural Survey (中国农村观察). She has played an important role in advising China’s agricultural green development policies. Based on her research, she has submitted 8 policy briefs since 2016 to the State Council. Currently, she is PI/Co-PI of 5 projects on economic value of ecosystem services and agricultural non-point pollutions funded by Chinese government, such as National Foundation of Natural Science.

Areas of Specialization

Agricultural, resource and environmental economics, including: Environmental policies in agriculture; Economic value of ecosystem services; Economics of carbon in agriculture; Grassland conservation; Payment for ecosystem services; Field experiments and survey


2009-2012 Ph.D.     Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2009-2012

                                 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA

                                 Advisor: Dana Hoag, Ph.D.

                                 Dissertation: Economic Analysis of China’s Soil Erosion and Conservation Tillage

2007-2009  M.S.      Agricultural Economics, 2007-2009

 China Agricultural University, Beijing, China 

2003-2007  B.S.       Agricultural Economics, 2003-2007

                                 China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Professional Experience              

2016-pres.  Assistant Professor, Peking University

2012-2015  Assistant Professor, China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Teaching and Supervising Experiences

I. Teaching

2016-pres. I teach two courses per year since 2016 and each course has 32 hours. This meets our university requirements for tenure-tracked assistant professors. One is entitled Hot Topics in Resource and Environmental Economics for undergraduate students. The other is entitled Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy for graduate students.

2013-2015 Lecturer, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Methodology in Economics

2009-2015 Teaching assistant (TA), Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University

II. Supervising graduate students

I am supervising 2 Ph.D. students from PKU and 1 from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the field of agricultural and resources economics since 2016. Note that only two students were assigned to my supervision due to the school policy.

Selected Publications

  1. 1. Hou, Lingling*, Fang Xia, Qihui Chen*, Jikun Huang, Yong He*, Nathan Rose, Scott Rozelle. 2021. Grassland ecological compensation policy in China improves grassland quality and increases herders’ income. Nature Communications 12:4683. [SCI, IF= 17.69]
  2. 2. Li, Dongqing, Lingling Hou*, Alec Zuo. 2021. Informal institutions and grassland protection: empirical evidence from pastoral regions in China. Ecological Economics 188(6):107110. [SCI/SSCI, IF=6.536]
  3. 3. Liu, Pengfei, Lingling Hou*, Dongqing Li, Shi Min. Yueying Mu. 2021. Determinants of livestock insurance demand: experimental evidence from Chinese herders. Journal of Agricultural Economics 72(2):430-451. [SCI/SSCI, IF= 4.163]
  4. 4. Hou, Lingling, Pengfei Liu, Jikun Huang*, Xiangzheng Deng. 2020. The influence of risk preferences, knowledge, land consolidation, and landscape diversification on pesticide use. Agricultural Economics 51(5):759-776. [SCI/SSCI, IF= 3.887]
  5. 5. Xia, Fang, Lingling Hou*, Songqing Jin, Dongqing Li. 2020. Land size and productivity in the livestock sector: evidence from pastoral areas in China. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 64(3):867-888. [SCI/SSCI, IF= 3.110]
  6. 6. Zuo, Alec, Lingling Hou*, Zeying Huang. 2020. How does farmers’ current usage of crop straws influence the willingness-to-accept price to sell? Energy Economics 86:104639. [SSCI, IF=9.252]
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  8. 8. Hou, Lingling, Catherine Keske, Dana Hoag, Tomas Balezentis, Xiaobing Wang*. 2019. Abatement costs of emissions from burning maize straw in major maize regions of China: Balancing food security with the environment. Journal of Cleaner Production 208:178-187. [SCI, IF=11.072]
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  13. 13.Hou, Lingling, Jikun Huang*, Jinxia Wang. 2015. Farmers’ perceptions of climate change in China: the influence of social networks and farm assets. Climate Research 63(3):191-201. [SCI, IF=1.459]


  • Natural-based solutions expert of Chao lake project from Asian Development Bank
  • Chinese expert of low carbon agriculture from Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
  • Senior researcher of Institute of Advanced Agricultural Science, Peking University
  • Guest editor for a special issue “Sustainable Grassland Management and Policies” on Land
  • Youth editorial for journal Acta Agrestia Sinica 《草地学报》
  • Anonymous reviewer of more than 10 international journals