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Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), Peking University (PKU).

Senior Research Fellow, China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), PKU


(as of August 2021)


Personal Information

Born in Jiangxi, China; Citizenship: Chinese


Office address and contact information:

China Center for Agricultural Policy, Peking University

School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University

Wangkezhen Bld, No. 5 Yiheyuan Rd, Haidian Dist, Beijing 100871, China

Tel: (86)-10-62760156, Fax: 6276-7145




Ph.D in Agricultural Economics and Management, 2002-2006

University of Chinese Academy Sciences, 100049, China


MS in Regional Economics, 1999-2002

Henan University, Kaifeng, 475001, China


Areas of Specialization:

Rural Public Goods Provision; Rural Child Nutrition, Health and Education; Rural Development and Poverty Reduction.


Current Positions:

Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), Peking University (PKU).

Senior Research Fellow, China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), PKU



1. Award for Achievements in Humanities and Social Science Research (Second Prize), Department of Education, Shaanxi Province Government, 2015.

2. Award for Science and Technology (Third Prize), Shaanxi Provincial Government, 2013.

3. Award for 2011 Outstanding Paper, the Emerald Literati Network, 2011.

4. Award for the Gregory Chow Best Paper, Chinese Economists Society, 2006.


Teaching and Supervising Graduate Students:

I. Teaching

1. Advanced Development Economics, 2017-2021;

2. Nutrition, Health, and Early Childhood Development of Rural Children in China, 2017- 2021;

3. Development Economics with Applications to China, 2016, Co Instructor with Chengfang Liu and Hongmei Yi.

4. Public Economics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fall 2015, Co-Instructor with Linxiu Zhang and Chengfang Liu;

5. How to Design and Implement Randomized Control Trials in Nutrition, Health and Education Studies, Winter, 2014;

6. The Theory and Application of Randomized Control Trials in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Studies, Winter, 2008;

II. Supervising Graduate Students

I have supervised 9 M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students in the field of agricultural economics and management since 2011.


Employment History:

August, 2016 – present: Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University (SAAS-PKU)

December, 2015 – July. 2016: Associate Professor, SAAS-PKU

December, 2015 –date: Senior Research Fellow, China Center for Agricultural Policy, Peking University (CCAP- PKU)

January, 2011 – November. 2015: Associate Professor

Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR-CAS)

July, 2008 – November. 2010: Assistant Professor, IGSNRR-CAS

March, 2007 – June. 2007: Visiting Scholar, The University of Waikato

October, 2006 – December. 2006: Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

August, 2006 – 2015: Research Fellow, Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences

September, 2006 – 2015: Managing director

Rural Education Action Program (REAP), China



By August 2021, Dr. Renfu Luo has published 164 articles in international and Chinese peer-reviewed journals, of which 96 papers are published in SCI/SSCI listed journals, including those published in top journals in the relevant fields, such as The Economic Journal, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Demography, The BMJ, Health Affairs, Social Science & Medicine, and American Journal of Public Health. He has been listed by Elsevier on “Most Cited Chinese Researchers” for seven years in a row since 2014, and has been listed as “Highly Cited Social science scholars” from 2014 to 2019, as well as a “highly cited Scholar of Applied Economics” in 2020.


Selected Articles Published in Refereed International Journals:

1. Renfu Luo, Miller Grant, Scott Rozelle, Sylvia Sean, Vera-Hernández Marcos, Can Bureaucrats Really Be Paid Like Ceos? School Administrator Incentives for Anemia Reduction in Rural China. Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020, 18(1):165–201, [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=4.583

2. Sean Sylvia, Nele Warrinnier, Renfu Luo, Ai Yue, Orazio Attanasio, Alexis Medina and Scott Rozelle, From Quantity to Quality: Delivering A Home-Based Parenting Intervention Through China’S Family Planning Cadres. The Economic Journal, 2020, Volume 131, Issue 635, Pages 1365–1400, [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=3.178

3. Zhou Huan, Sun Shuai, Renfu Luo*, Sylvia Sean, Yue Ai, Shi Yaojiang, Zhang Linxiu, Melinda Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Impact of Text Message Reminders on Caregivers’ Adherence to a Home Fortification Program Against Child Anemia in Rural Western China: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. American Journal of Public Health, 2016, 106(7): e1-e7. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2016.303140. [SSCI/SCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=9.308

4. Yue Ai, Bai Yu, Shi Yaojiang, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle, Alexis Medina, Sean Sylvia, Parental Migration and Early Childhood Development in Rural China. Demography, 2020, 57: 403–422. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=3.984

5. Renfu Luo, Emmers Dorien, Warrinnier Nele, Scott Rozelle, Sean Sylvia, Using Community Health Workers to Deliver a Scalable Integrated Parenting Program in Rural China: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. Social Science & Medicine, 2019, 239: 1-8. [SSCI/SCI-E], JCR-Q1, JIF=4.634

6. Wang Lei, Liang Wilson, Yu Cordelia, Li Mengjie, Zhang Siqi, Sun Yonglei, Ma Qingrui, Johnsson Laura, Abbey Cody, Renfu Luo*, Yue Ai, Bai Yu, Rozelle Scott, Are Infant/Toddler Developmental Delays a Problem Across Rural China? Journal of Comparative Economics, 2019, 47(2): 458-469 [SSCI], JCR-Q2, JIF=2.760

7. Renfu Luo, Yue Ai, Zhou Huan, Shi Yaojiang, Zhang Linxiu, Martorell Reynaldo, Medina Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Sylvia Sean, The Effect of a Micronutrient Powder Home Fortification Program on Anemia and Cognitive Outcomes Among Young Children in Rural China: A Cluster Randomized Trial. BMC Public Health, 2017, 17(1): 738 DOI 10.1186/s12889-017-4755-0. [SCI-E], JCR-Q2, JIF=3.295

8. Wong Ho Lun, Wang Yu, Renfu Luo*, Zhang Linxiu, Rozelle Scott, Local Governance And The Quality Of Local Infrastructure: Evidence From Village Road Projects In Rural China. Journal of Public Economics, 2017,152: 119-132. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=3.111

9. Liu Chengfang, Renfu Luo*, Yi Hongmei, Zhang Linxiu, Li Shaoping, Bai Yunli, Medina Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Smith Scott, Wang Guofei, Wang Jujun, Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Southwestern China: A Cross-Sectional Study of Links to Cognitive Ability, Nutrition, and School Performance Among Children. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2015, 9(6): e0003877. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0003877. [SCI-E], JCR-Q1, JIF=4.411

10. Yang Yunfan, Wang Huan, Zhang Linxiu, Sylvia Sean, Renfu Luo*, Shi Yaojiang, Wang Wei, Rozelle Scott, The Han-Minority Achievement Gap, Language, and Returns to School in Rural China. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2015, 63(2): 319-359. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=1.741

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12. Qiao Fangbin, Rozelle Scott, Huang Jikun, Zhang Linxiu, Renfu Luo*, Road Expansion and Off-Farm Work in Rural China. The China Quarterly, 2014, 218: 428-451. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=3.154

13. Mo Di, Renfu Luo, Liu Chengfang, Zhang Huiping, Zhang Linxiu, Melinda Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Text Messaging and Its Impacts on the Health and Education of the Poor: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural China. World Development, 2014, 64: 766-780. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=5.278

14. Kleiman-Weiner Max, Renfu Luo*, Zhang Linxiu, Shi Yaojiang, Medina Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Eggs Versus Chewable Vitamins: Which Intervention Can Increase Nutrition and Test Scores in Rural China? China Economic Review, 2013, 24: 165-176. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=4.227

15. Zhang Linxiu, Kleiman-Weiner Max, Renfu Luo*, Shi Yaojiang, Martorell Reynaldo, Medina Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation Reduces Anemia and Anxiety in Rural China’s Elementary School Children. The Journal of Nutrition, 2013, 143(5): 640-647. doi: 10.3945/jn.112.171959. [SCI-E], JCR-Q2, JIF=4.798

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17. Renfu Luo, Shi Yaojiang, Zhang Linxiu, Liu Chengfang, Rozelle Scott, Sharbono Brian, Yue Ai, Zhao Qiran, Martorell Reynaldo, Nutrition and Educational Performance in Rural China's Elementary Schools: Results of a Randomized Control Trial in Shaanxi Province. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2012, 60(4): 735-772. [SSCI], JCR-Q1, JIF=1.741

18. Miller Grant, Renfu Luo, Zhang Linxiu, Sylvia Sean, Shi Yaojiang, Foo Patricia, Zhao Qiran, Martorell Reynaldo, Medina Alexis, Rozelle Scott, Effectiveness of Provider Incentives for Anaemia Reduction in Rural China: A Cluster Randomised Trial. British Medical Journal, 2012, 345: e4809. doi: 10.1136/bmj.e4809. [SCI-E], JCR-Q1, JIF=39.890

19. Renfu Luo, Zhang Linxiu, Huang Jikun, Rozelle Scott, Village Elections, Public Goods Investments and Pork Barrel Politics, Chinese- Style. Journal of Development Studies, 2010, 46(4): 662-684. [SSCI], JCR-Q2, JIF=2.210

20. Renfu Luo, Zhang Linxiu, Huang Jikun, Rozelle Scott, Elections, Fiscal Reform and Public Goods Provision in Rural China. Journal of Comparative Economics, 2007 (35): 583-611. [SSCI], JCR-Q2, JIF=2.760


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