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Jikun Huang



Professor, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences; 
Honorary Director, China Centre for Agricultural Policy (CCAP)



Address:  4th Floor, Wangkezhen Building, Peking University

                No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian, Beijing 100871, China

Telephone:    +86-10-62765603 Fax: 62767145; Email:


Areas of specialization

Food and agricultural policy; Food demand, supply, market and trade; Resource management; Economics of climate change; Modelling; Rural development.

Office hours

By appointment

Recent courses

Food Security and Policy 
Agricultural Economy and Policy
Research Design and Academic Paper Writing in Agricultural Economics

Graduated students

By 2021, trained more than 100 MS, PhD and Post-doc in agricultural economics and rural development. Most of them work in universities and academies in China or abroad. Among them, three received one of China’s highest honours for young scientists—the “Distinguished Young Scholars” from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one received “Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor” and two received “Cheung Kong Scholar for Young Scholars” from the Ministry of Education.


·     1987-1990: PhD in Agri. Economics, University of the Philippines Los Banos

·     1980-1984: BS in Agricultural Economics, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Employment history

·      2015–present: Professor, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, PKU

        Honorary Director, China Centre for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), PKU

        Director, New Rural Development Institute, PKU

·      2000-2015: Professor and Director, CCAP, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

·      1995-2000: Director of CCAP; Professor at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

·      1994-1995: Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

·      1992-1994: Professor, China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI)

·      1990-1992: Post-Doctor, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

·      1984-1987: Research Assistant, CNRRI

Current other major positions

·      A member of Advisory Committee of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)

·      President, Asian Society of Agricultural Economists,

·      Vice-president of Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics

·      Vice-president of Chinese Association of Agro-tech economics

·      Co-editor/associate editor or editorial/advisory member for 19 international journals

·      Editorial or Advisory Board member for 16 Chinese journals

Major awards and honorary tittles

·      Fellow, World Academy of Sciences TWAS

·      Honorary Life Member of International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE)

·      Fellow of Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA)

·      Award for Scientific Progress for 5 times in China from 1997 to 2015

·      Award for Fudan Outstanding Achievement in Management Science in China, 2008

·      Winner of Young Scientists of China (top 10 Youth Scientists), PRC, 2002

Consulting experience

He has actively engaged in policy consultant work in China and abroad. He and his team have prepared many policy reports for government, about 80 of them were adopted by General Office of the State Council and/or CPC Central Committee, and more than 60 of them were considered and noted by national leaders for policy consideration. He has consulting experience with many international organizations, including World Bank, ADB, UNDP, FAO, WFP, UNEP, IFAD, OECD, EU Commission, CGIAR etc.


Published more than 490 journal papers, of which 260+ in the refereed international journals, including Science and Nature; Co-author of 19 books. The selected 10 publications:

1.         Huang, J. and J. Ding. 2016. Institutional Innovation and Policy Support to Facilitate Small-Scale Farming             Transformation in China, Agricultural Economics, 47: 227–237.

2.         Huang, J., Y. Wang, and J. Wang. 2015. Farmers’ Adaptation to Extreme Weather Events through Farm Management and Its Impacts on the Mean and Risk of Rice Yield in China, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97: 602-617.

3.         Deiningger, K., S. Jin, F. Xia, J. Huang. 2014. Moving Off the Farm: Land Institutions to Facilitate Structural Transformation and Agricultural Productivity Growth in China, World Development, 59:505-520.

4.         Liu, E. M. and J. Huang. 2013. Risk Preferences and Pesticide Use by Cotton Farmers in China, Journal of Development Economics, 103: 202-215.

5.         Huang, J., J. Yang, S. Msangi, S. Rozelle, A. Weersink. 2012. Biofuels and the Poor: Global Impact Pathways of Biofuels on Agricultural Markets, Food Policy, 37: 439-451

6.         Huang, J., R. Hu, S. Rozelle and C. Pray. 2005. Insect-Resistant GM Rice in Farmer Fields: Assessing Productivity and Health Effects in China, Science, 308: 688-690.

7.         Huang, J., R. Hu, H. van Meijl, and F.van Tongeren. 2004. Biotechnology Boosts to Crop Productivity in China: Trade and Welfare Implications, Journal of Development Economics,75:27-54.

8.         Huang, J., S. Rozelle, C. Pray, and Q. Wang. 2002 Plant Biotechnology in China, Science, 295:674-677.

9.         Huang, J., S. Rozelle, and C. Pray. 2002. Enhancing the Crops to Feed the Poor, Nature, 418: 678-684.

10.       Huang, J. and S. Rozelle. 1996. Technological Change: The Re-Discovery of the Engine of Productivity Growth in China's Rural Economy, Journal of Development Economics,49: 337-369.


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