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Message from the Director

As the country celebrates the centennial of the Communist Party of China, China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP) has gone through 26 years of the brilliant development. During these 26 years, CCAP, under the leadership of its founder Professor Jikun Huang, has not only achieved a series of original academic results that contributed our wisdom to the agricultural and rural development of China and the world, providing an important scientific basis for the national decision-making on “agriculture, rural development, and farmers”; but has also become a renowned base for training high-level talents both at home and abroad. CCAP has become an important benchmark in the field of agricultural economics worldwide, and CCAPers all over the world are proud of it!

The development of CCAP has witnessed and supported the great success of agricultural and rural reform in China, and it is the process of Chinese scholars in the field of agricultural economics gradually growing up and moving to the world. The development of CCAP demonstrates that Chinese agricultural economists continue broadening their horizons for understanding complex issues and deepening the integration of interdisciplinary research. Since its establishment, CCAP has always been committed to its missions, beliefs and goals that is to build a world-class discipline of agricultural economy and management as well as strengthen cross- and interdisciplinary research which is based on China, facing the world, and promotes a number of advanced research results into an international leading position. The CCAP’s aim is always to establish a high-level education base for cultivating talents and leaders in the discipline of agricultural economy and management both domestic and overseas. It is also to build an important platform for academic exchange between peers at home and abroad and form a high-end think tank to provide policy support for agricultural and rural development in China and the world.


Looking to the future, the new generation of CCAP's leadership team is bound to go further under the guidance and leadership of Honorary Director Professor Jikun Huang. We will continue contributing our wisdom and strength to the national and global agricultural and rural development, and keep training outstanding talents for the country and the world!

Jinxia Wang, Director of CCAP

July 2021