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Message from the Director
Jikun Huang


Welcome to visit the website of China Centre for Agricultural Policy, Peking University. The predecessor of CCAP was established in China Academy of Agricultural Science in 1995, and used to be affiliated with China Academy of Science between 2000 and 2015. The core team of the Centre joined Peking University since 2016. Over the past two decades, the Centre has been conducting researches in agricultural economics and rural development in China and devoting to educating young professionals in the related fields.

As the largest country for agricultural production in the world, China has made significant progress in the past but still face many new challenges in rural economic development and institutional reforms. China's experience in rural development and reform also has implication implications for other developing countries. The era calls for more young professionals to devoting into studying China and world rural economic development. Under this background, CCAP will provide various platforms to strengthen professional education and trainings for young generations in the field of agricultural economics and management, and become a world leading educational organization in the related subjects.

CCAP was entitled as the first round of sponsored “Innovative Research Group” by China National Science Foundation, as the world top-class research group in agricultural economics. The primary task of CCAP is to develop the world-class teaching school to serve the domestic and international demands, promoting the development of modern agricultural economic and management, and providing consultation for policy making in agricultural and rural development. CCAP has four core research areas:  Agricultural Science and Technology Development;  Agricultural Production and Market; Resource and Environmental Economy; Integrated Rural and Urban Development. CCAP not only has its unique characteristics in management, operation and staff arrangement, but also take the frontier researches as high priority. In addition, CCAP also pays attention to nurture the internal and external cooperation, value the collection and analysis of first-hand data, and maintain close cooperation with domestic and international government agencies for policy making.

Welcome to visit our website, which can link you to every corner of the world. The website provides the information on our staff, courses and curriculum, research projects and academic publications, and many other things that you would be interested in. On behalf of all staff in CCAP, I hope to exchange ideas and develop cooperations with domestic and international friends to contribute to the future agricultural development in China.


Best Regards


Jikun Huang

Director, China Centre for Agricultural Policy