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Visiting Scholars

Center Policy Advisory Committee (2011-2015)

Li Bingkun, Deputy Director, Research Office of the State Council
Li Jiayang, President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Ding Xuedong, Deputy Minister,  Ministry of Finance
Chen Xiaohua, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture
Liu Fuhe, Director of Policy and Regulation Department, National Poverty Alleviation Office
Xian Jude, Chief Statistician, National Bureau of Statistics
Pan Shengzhou, Deputy Director of the Central Policy Research Office
Han Jun, Deputy Director, Development Research Center of the State Council
Wang Hongguang, Director of Biotechnology Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology
Zhang Lei, Director, Department of Rural Forestry Reform and Development, State Forestry Administration
Wang Aiguo, Director-General, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Ministry of Water Resources