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CCAP's Visions: CCAP firmly believes that China as well as the world can, through the coordinated efforts of government, industry and the rest of society, ensure food security, eliminate poverty and malnutrition, and achieve sustainable agricultural development; that inclusive rural transformation can facilitate sustainable economic development; and that achieve common prosperity can be achieved for all people in the world.


CCAP's Missions: CCAP, rooted in China but extended to the rest of world, pursue missions to establish and maintain a world-class faculty and discipline in agricultural economics to facilitate the development of agricultural economics through rigorous and scientific research, to train the top talents in agricultural economics and management through its well-designed education program, to enhance the academic exchange among agricultural economists around the world through its research and education programs, and to provide policy consultations to the policy makers in China and the rest of world through accelerating the dissemination of CCAP's research findings.

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